Case Study One – Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Amanda, aged 39, single mother with 4 year old daughter. Living with parents saving for home, stressed, overweight and overwhelmed. Intake interview determined that Amanda was a perfect candidate for the Virtual Gastric Band Procedure, a hypnotic version of the physical operation. She had little time for exercise, and was a serial dieter in the past – and had become very disheartened.

Using hypnosis and accessing the power of the subconscious mind Amanda underwent a virtual operation. This changed her belief about her stomach’s capacity and her desire to overeat, her attraction to rubbish and junk food, and her perception about her body image. Her mind was now reprogrammed to accept that her stomach could only comfortably hold a small amount of nutritious food (about a child-size meal), and that she would experience no hunger or discomfort in between meals or at night. Amanda began to find she actually wanted to go out for walks to both relax and appreciate how well her body was now moving as well as enjoying the company of her child. Her consistent weight loss prompted her to truly engage in creative nutrition. She found the process effortless and rewarding. Amanda lost 15 kg in 12 weeks safely and all through changing her beliefs about herself. She is so excited with her results she has now decided on a career change and is studying nutrition.

Case Study Two – Gastric Band Hpnotherapy & Smoking

Kaylene stopped smoking half way through the program and has never even felt the urge or thought of a cigarette again, even though her husband smokes constantly around her. She was so impressed with hypnosis and our work together that she decided to do the Virtual Gastric Band Procedure, and lost a massive 12 kilos in 15 weeks. What Kaylene appreciated most was that she found it easy and natural to only eat what her body needs without any feeling of being deprived, “those old thoughts just don’t occur any more”.

Case Study Three – Weight Loss Hypnosis

Jade was an emotional eater. A young woman with a highly responsible and demanding job, she found herself using food and mindless nibbling to ease tension at the end of the day. Through hypnosis she discovered an emotional connection from childhood and corrected her beliefs about herself. She was no longer interested in nibbling, and lost interest in alcohol unless socialising. Emotional weight rather than physical weight was our focus, and it continues to work.

Case Study Four – Weight Loss Hypnosis

Ella resolved her internal conflict in relation to food and old family issues, after just one session. “Since then my life has changed… I can’t explain it. I feel lighter both physically and emotionally. I have dropped 2 dress sizes, but that wasn’t even my issue, I just wanted to feel better about me. Eighteen months on, I am still on top of the world and have referred many friends to Karen”.

Case Study Five – Quitting Cigars

Michael had tried hypnosis to quit cigars before, and faltered. He had hoped this time would be the answer to help him overcome this addiction (15 cigars a day), and was so pleased that “not only do I feel that I have achieved that, but have learned some very valuable techniques through the journey that I am currently using and feeling very good about… thanks to you. I am astounded at the power of ET, and am now using it to empower the changes that I feel are happening to me. Thank you again, Michael Mintern (name given with permission).

Case Study Six – Quitting Smoking

JJ is a CEO and had an unusual smoking habit, he only smoked on weekends, but it was spoiling his relaxation time with family, so he wanted to be rid of it once and for all. After the first hypnosis session with Karen, his relationship with cigarettes (and himself) changed. He no longer used smoking to represent his entitlement for “time out”. He also discovered a valuable relaxation/focus practice to problem solve, release stress and re-energise during his busy working day. He feels back “in control again”.

Case Study Seven – Quitting Smoking

Anthony wanted to quit smoking, but had given up hope of ever being able to rid himself of this habit. His doctor had ordered him to quit for the last 2 years. He tried patches, gum and tablets, all to no avail. Hypnosis was his ‘last resort’. He came prepared to give it a go. His wife also attended the session, as she wanted to understand more about the process, thinking she might also try and quit. Typically the smoking program is three sessions over 2-3 weeks, but in this case, Anthony was not confident having the sessions a week apart so we scheduled them 2 days apart on Mon-Wed-Fri of the same week. I also taught Anthony and his wife EFT for cravings and breaking old patterns and associations.
Despite his scepticism, both Anthony and his wife have not had even one cigarette since the first hypnosis session. He was amazed that his cravings were neither intense nor frequent as he had previously imagined, and that they were managed easily with EFT and the strategies implemented under hypnosis.

Case Study Eight – Bruxism

James, aged 42 referred by his dentist who suggested hypnosis might help with his Bruxism, a condition which would have necessitated the fitting of a mouth guard for sleep to prevent further damage to his teeth from grinding and jaw clenching. During hypnosis it was revealed that the first instance occurred when he was 23, when he realised a life-changing event (birth of a disabled child) would be a permanent part of life. He had no control over these circumstances, so with difficulty, he “gritted his teeth” and got on with it. We addressed the initial feelings of powerlessness, frustration and resignation that his life had changed forever. Through hypnosis he reviewed “the movie” of the last 20 years with his family, including both rewarding and frustrating times. He realised that nothing was inevitable, nor was he powerless. Looking back James could see how he had indeed adapted very well, was happy, and he no longer needed to view his life as something he had no control over as “inevitable”. We were then able to “uncouple” the automatic jaw clenching response which was typically triggered by frustration or a feeling of lack of choice/control. We put in place some strategies to minimise his frustration and stress level, such as time out and accepting support. Follow up 2 years and symptoms did not return after that one session.

Case Study Nine – Anxiety

Edward had suffered mild anxiety and some depression throughout his life and recognised the onset immediately. He was at work one day when he became disoriented and panicked. He eventually found his way home, but became afraid of the panic spiral, and began avoiding work – his job was on the line. He was in a very distressed and desperate state.

During hypnosis and parts therapy, he was able to relax and gain some perspective, identify the core belief behind his anxiety, and resolve the internal conflict arising from a very demanding “critic” within himself. He was amazed that within a few sessions he was back on top of his game at work with renewed confidence (having only missed a few days), and his employer reinforced his value in the company. Although subsequent stressors did arise in his job, he recognised his triggers, and immediately addressed them with the skills he learned in session which included EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or psychological acupressure.

Case Study Ten – Anxiety

Graham wanted to resolve some childhood traumas that had left him feeling abandoned. Following a series of EFT sessions Graham emailed me to say thank you, and to say “I truly believe the opportunity that YOU and EFT has given me has been a true healing catalyst to me. I never realised how much energy I was holding from my childhood and without question, the EFT process has released this and I certainly feel lighter…. which is getting stronger every day.  In part I wish I had found this years ago, however, I’m grateful to you Karen, and EFT coming into my life now. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you again soon, and I truly thank you for your brilliant work.”

Case Study Eleven – Anxiety

Olivia had experienced panic attacks since childhood in relation to medical procedures, to such an extent that even watching TV medical shows, or verbalising certain words, would bring on an attack. As she wanted to start a family, this fear was limiting her ability to do so. Using EFT she neutralised a major childhood hospital trauma experienced at age 7, as well as subsequent reinforcing triggers and beliefs from her primary school years. She is now free of any fear or reaction to medical processes and procedures, and is able to get on with life.

Case Study Twelve – Trypanophobia

Ron had Trypanophobia – a fear of needles / injections. He found it truly incredible that something that had been with him for forty years could be resolved in one session, but that’s just what happened. Through hypnotic regression it was revealed that his phobia was not about the pain or procedure itself, but about being left alone at the time of his first major traumatic medical procedure – a tonsillectomy. Once his child self felt secure and his adult self decided to no longer hold on to the unfounded fears of the child, the fear dissolved. He had no conscious memory of what had happened as a child and needed to confirm this with his mother after session, which he did. He now enjoys the freedom to “go it alone” and smiles at the ease with which he does it.

Case Study Thirteen – Acrophobia

Kelly had a limiting phobia, Acrophobia, fear of heights, and in particular those scary rides at theme parks. She was tired of the debilitating panic attacks, feeling left out, and being the ‘bag lady’ left in line while others had all the fun. During her one session of hypnosis she was able to debunk her long standing fears, and three days later she hit the theme parks in Qld – laughing her way through rides, and even managing to go on the ‘giant drop – 39 storeys high’ – a long awaited adventure. Along with hypnosis, Kelly learned the valuable energy technique EFT, to ensure she remained calm, and recognise the difference between the physical response of excitement and fear, so she was able to enjoy the fun and adventure of the moment.

Case Study Fourteen – Anxiety / Trichotillomania

Lori , an attractive 19 year old, required only one hypnosis session to cure her unusual anxiety. She had a condition known as Trichotillomania, where she would alleviate her tension by pulling out her eyebrows. This habit began as an eight year old and was not difficult to break through hypnosis. She now enjoys going to a beautician for a wax to shape her lovely brows.

Case Study Fifteen – Anxiety

Annie was anxious about her first teaching role. In her own words, these were her challenges:

• dealing with past put downs and not being good enough in the eyes of a (former) boss
• being overwhelmed by self doubt – can I do this? How will I be judged, am I good enough?
• fear of not succeeding (left over from school days)
• confidence with colleagues

Through hypnosis it was revealed Annie had experienced many set-backs during her school years which had lowered her self esteem and belief in her ability to achieve. She reframed those events and her view of herself, and learned much about her own talents and resilience. During a follow up session with EFT we addressed and systematically neutralised any remaining negative belief, along with any past traumatic event so she was able to unleash the great and passionate teacher within. She has already had two promotions in six months and loves both the students and her work.

Case Study Sixteen – Public Speaking

Jeff, a media executive, was having difficulty with public speaking and confidence, especially when presenting to his peers and the CEO. Through hypnosis, parts therapy and insight work, he discovered where his communication blockage came from, and was able to resolve this, along with the low self-esteem legacy from childhood. He now communicates creatively and confidently with all levels of staff, and is able to access previously untapped resources within.

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